Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Hundred Dates’ Evan Barden on Dating, Sex, and Not Being a “Creep”

By: Gaby Dunn

Evan Barden is like the Eve to my Adam.

Okay, he’s not. But his project One Hundred Dates is spawned from the rib of my blog baby 100 Interviews. Where I interviewed 100 people in a year, Evan is currently seeking to go on 100 different dates this year - in an effort to meet new people, write more, increase his confidence and find out why people just don’t date anymore.

He’s a dapper fellow (see photo above), a deep thinker and a funny fellow improviser so naturally I’ve set him up with some friends along the way.

Six months into One Hundred Dates, Evan and I did a little catch-up Q&A about dating, women, sex, blogging and a man’s fear of being called a “creep.”

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Monday, December 5, 2011

I Love My Nose

Gilda Radner

by: Gaby Dunn

I have my mom’s nose.

My dad’s family is blonde and European, but the maternal side has strong features that manifest in fiery red manes, sharp schnozes and body hair so dark it grows back instantly after it’s shaved, like in a Chia Pet commercial.

My nose isn’t large so much as it’s a little bit crooked with a small, distinctive bump. From the front, no problem. From the side, ‘Hava Negila!’

While my mother’s genetics shaped my beak, my father’s borderline negligence had a hand in it too. As a kid, I fell on my face from the top of a tree branch while I was camping with my dad. My nose was probably broken, but we didn’t want to cut the trip short so he helped me ice it and that was that. It just sort of healed on its own.

All this hardly makes me Owen Wilson, whose nose I actually find quite charming. It’s not even that I’ve got a bad nose: it’s just not the up-turned All-American ideal. Over the years, a few blunt individuals have mentioned it to me with weird compliments like, “Your nose is so distinctive and ethnic” and “Is it weird that you kind of remind me of Anne Frank?”

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beer Personalities: Tom Bull Has Moves Like Jagger


by: Dylan Joffe

Tom Bull has been perfecting the Portland Lager recipe for 15 years.

“I started brewing when I was 19 with my Dad. I saw a demo at the Common Ground Fair and thought it looked fun.”

I met Tom Bull of Bull Jagger Brewery at the Great Lost Bear in Portland a month ago. I was feeling tired, just coming off a 5 day Halloween binge in Vegas. I needed to rest.

However, anyone who knows me at all knows that I have difficulties saying no.
So, when my friend invited me to a beer event, out I went.

GLB was hosting Bull Jagger for Brewers night. By the time I got there the beers were being packed up. The Bull Jagger team set a record for the most cases demolished on a single night. An acquaintance happens to work with one of the guys at Trader Joe’s and brings him over to talk with me. I tell him about my blog and that I’ve wanted to interview a local brewery for a while now. He asks me to hold on and comes back with one of the owner, Tom.

The first thing I did was complain about missing out on the beer.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Some Thanksgiving reads!

Gaby Dunnsgiving, everyone! (I stole that from Myq Kaplan but I will now use it for the rest of forever.)

Here are some 100 Interviews reads for if you get bored/wine-drunk/exasperated with answering, “So what are you doing with your life?”

Some of my most thankful interviewees, to make you appreciated your life:

Someone who was awarded a Purple Heart

Someone born in a third world country

A little person

Someone who runs a women’s crisis center

Someone who has been shot

A bus driver

Someone over the age of 100

Someone who has had a lot of plastic/reconstructive surgery

Someone on food stamps

A recovering heroin addict

Someone who has been to jail

A mute person

Someone who is banned from their home country

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In The Future No One Will Itch: An Interview with Washington University’s Dr. Zhou-Feng Chen


by: Gaby Dunn

Imagine a future where no one would feel a simple itch.

Whether you find it soothing or annoying, itching isn’t usually a topic studied in the medical world or one that healthy people consciously think about. It’s neurological, dermatological and psychological — and now, for the first time, itch is going under the microscope.

I first read about Dr. Zhou-Feng Chen’s research into itching in the July issue of Scientific American. I was fascinated by the idea of studying something so commonplace and yet still so mysterious scientifically. Chen is the director of the first Center for the Study of the Itch, which opened at Washington University in St. Louis last spring.

Dr. Chen first came to Wash U to study pain, and stumbled into studying itch by accident: when a receptor thought to be for pain, ended up being for itch.

It was fate. As a child, Dr. Chen has suffered from debilitating atopic dermatitis. From the time he was six years old to the time he was ten, he itched so much that his mother, every night, tied his hands to his bedpost to prevent him from scratching himself.

Those terrible years stuck with him, and so though Dr. Chen didn’t set out to devote his life to itching, it seems it was one area he just couldn’t scratch.

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