Wednesday, September 22, 2010


1. Someone who pickets abortion clinics
2. A Buddhist priest
3. Someone whose family is in another country
4. A transgender person
5. Someone who married their high school sweetheart
6. Someone who is remaining a virgin until marriage
7. A porn actor/actress
8. Someone with my opposite political beliefs who has held public office
9. A rocket scientist
10. An inventor
11. Someone who was awarded a Purple Heart
12. Someone who cheated death
13. A rapper
14. Someone who was left at the altar
15. Someone who left someone else at the altar
16. Someone who writes greeting cards
17. Someone who takes naked pictures of others
18. A commercial airline pilot
19. Someone born in a third world country
20. A zoologist
21. An amputee (Part I) (Part II)
22. A little person
23. Someone who was discharged from the military for being gay
24. A professional athlete
25. Stephen Colbert
26. The editor of a magazine
27. An NBC page
28. Someone who runs a women’s crisis center
29. Someone who has saved a life
30. Someone who has scaled a mountain
31. A one-hit wonder (eta: someone who has had one hit song)
32. Someone who has interviewed or photographed a US president
33. An Abraham Lincoln expert
34. A teen mom
35. A cryptozoology expert
36. Someone who believes the moon landing was faked
37. Someone who works at NASA
38. Someone who lost their job in finance when the economy plunged
39. A museum curator
40. Someone who was on a reality show
41. A celebrity’s personal assistant
42. Someone who has been shot
43. A doctor who performs abortions
44. Someone who has run a marathon
45. Someone who runs a head shop
46. Someone with a radio show
47. A hardcore skateboarder
48. Someone who started their own business
49. Someone with a gallery showing of their art
50. Someone who toured with a band
51. A black belt in karate
52. A pastry chef
53. A bus driver
54. Someone over the age of 100
55. A child prodigy (who started under the age of 10)
56. Someone who has had a lot of plastic/reconstructive surgery
57. Someone with a sideshow talent
58. Someone who owns a private jet
59. Someone who works/ed in an S&M club
60. A performance artist
61. A lesbian mom
62. A gay dad
63. Someone with the exact same name as a famous person
64. Boy/girl twins
65. A ballerina
66. A funeral director
67. Someone on food stamps
68. Someone who’s been on “The Price is Right”
69. Someone with the job they wanted as a child
70. Someone who runs a charity
71. A recovering heroin addict
72. Someone who has been to jail
73. A sex therapist
74. A psychic
75. A computer hacker
76. A Broadway actress
77. Someone who has helped solve a murder
78. A witch
79. A farmer
80. A cross-dresser
81. A horror make-up artist
82. Someone who is dying
83. A refugee from Hurricane Katrina
84. Someone whose entire body is tattooed
85. Someone whose ancestors fought for the Union
86. Someone whose ancestors fought for the Confederacy
87. Someone who has received a death threat
88. A working clown
89. Someone born on a Native American reservation
90. A mute person
91. An animal rights activist
92. Someone who’s written a novel
93. A couple who got married after they met on the Internet
94. Someone who doesn’t own a cellphone
95. Someone who is/was in the Guinness Book of World Records
96. Someone who’s worked in the White House
97. Someone who worked at CBGB
98. Someone who lost someone in 9/11
99. Someone who is banned from their home country
100. An Internet celebrity


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