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Part 1: The Part Where I Exhaust All Other Options Months ago, a Tumblr friend (shoshkabob) reached out to me to say she had tickets to The Colbert Report. She told me if I wanted one, I could have it. In the meantime, I’d exhausted all my Colbert avenues. I’d met and somewhat befriended a […]

#1: SARINA DUVALL – “Someone who pickets abortion clinics.” (ORIGINAL COPY)

I have never fundamentally disagreed with anyone I like more than Sarina Duvall. As soon as she picks me up in her burgundy Mitsubishi from the Pt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey train station, I can hardly get a word in edge-wise she’s so animated and friendly and candid, her tone touched with a thick Jersey […]

#31. ISAIAH TAYLOR (OF THE BAHA MEN) – “A one-hit wonder.”

Two of the Baha Men’s cell phone numbers are on the group’s website. This is the incredible sentence that flits through my brain as I stare at my computer screen Friday morning. I blink. I blink again. The numbers are still there. “#31. A one-hit wonder” has been taunting me from THE LIST since the […]